Journal of coMra-Therapy

Supporting the natural self-healing ability of the body with Coherent Multi-Radiance Therapy

Arzhan Surazakov
{ Published: March 28, 2013 | Last update : September 02, 2021 }


I often watched as my father, a professional artist, would become inspired by the play of colours in nature. Rich and strong, or subtle and whispering, the emotional impetus echoed in me whenever I looked at his paintings. Later, when I was working as a research scientist, I studied how colours in nature carried information about the health of a tree or the mineral content of rocks. But it was only after I started my research with Coherent Multi-Radiance Therapy (coMra-Therapy) that I came to a deeper understanding of colour as a universal language, and its ability to connect not only people, but even vastly different types of intelligence: for example, human thought, emotion and even the innate “instincts” of cells that make up our body. In coMra-Therapy we use colour in concert with near infrared laser light, a magnetic field and ultrasound, and all four of these components are held together by the central idea of cooperating with the body in the healing process.


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