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A new approach to healing headaches: 3 coMra-Therapy

Arzhan Surazakov
{ Published: August 14, 2014 | Last update : September 02, 2021 }


If you have had terrible headaches for many years and have been diagnosed with migraine or some other type of primary headache, you were probably told that nothing can be done, apart from trying to manage the condition with medication. And perhaps there is a measure of truth in this, given the current prevailing understanding, or rather lack of one, of causes of such headaches.

But it is time to critically reassess what we know about primary headaches in the light of the fact that we are feeling and thinking beings, as well as the high energetic costs of emotional and mental activity that we place on the nervous system and the brain.

I propose that in seeking a cure for headaches we consider ways of how to support an active and positive stance towards healing from the person concerned, by using a holistic technology that directly and non-invasively supports the impaired cellular processes involved in the manifestation of headaches.

In parts 1 and 2 of this article I put together experimental observations and subjective experiences to lay a foundation for a new and holistic view of primary headaches. In this third and final part of the article I summarise this view and share my understanding of how coMra-Therapy can play a most decisive role in a holistic approach towards healing and curing even the most debilitating headaches.


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