Journal of coMra-Therapy

Chronic migraine in a 53-year-old male

Arzhan Surazakov
{ Published: April 28, 2014 | Last update : September 02, 2021 }


This case report is a part of a pilot series of observations reported in 2013 by home users of 980nm Delta Lasers for headaches.

A 53-year-old male had migraine for as long as he can remember. In recent years, moderate to very severe headaches were present during five days per week. Most severe migraine attacks lasted for three days in a row, with pain level 10 (0 - no pain, 10 - worst imaginable pain). During the past four years he had to stop using all medication, owing to serious liver damage from negative side-effects of drugs. Because of the migraine he remained unemployed with only a part-time job.

The male treated himself according to the Universal 1 treatment twice daily for three months. He alternated three periods with treatments and three periods without treatments during the first 9 weeks. During the next 5 weeks he did daily treatments without taking breaks.

During the first week of daily treatments and the following nine rest days the male did not notice significant changes in his level of pain. However, three days after he resumed daily treatments his condition improved drastically and he had 11 days in a row almost without pain. Later some pain returned, but by the ninth week the condition of the male stabilised with practically all days being without pain or with mild pain only.

Comparing the first month of coMra-Therapy treatment with the third month one can see a decrease of days with severe to very severe pain by 100%; an increase of days without pain by 38% and a decrease of the two-week average of the maximum daily pain level by 71%.

During a follow-up interview seven weeks after stopping coMra-Therapy, the male noted that he had only two attacks with moderate pain (level 4-5). He shared:

"In general, I am in a better mood, happier and my quality of life has improved a lot. My relationships with relatives have improved. It is more pleasant to engage in conversations and to listen, because I am not annoyed by headaches. I feel no longer limited in thinking and taking decisions. I feel more free."

At a six and half-month follow-up the male noted that now he has one or two headache events per month. The pain is mostly mild, up to a maximum of level 4 and of short duration.

Case Report